About the Museum

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The mission of the Little Red Shop Museum is to preserve and communicate the story of Hopedale through the artifacts of the town’s history, and to provide continuity between the town’s past and future.

Little Red Shop ExteriorThe Little Red Shop Museum is located along the banks of the Mill River in historic Hopedale, Massachusetts. It was officially opened to the public as the Blackstone Valley’s newest museum in October, 2009 after an extensive renovation and restoration project.

The circa 1845 Little Red Shop, the oldest remaining industrial building in Hopedale, was the original home of the Draper Company, which manufactured parts for textile looms.  The company expanded to the complete manufacture of looms and all of their parts, eventually earning the distinction of being the largest textile loom manufacturing operation in the world.

DisplayDuring the 1950’s the Little Red Shop was used as the Draper Corporation museum. Today, the scope is expanded to include the history of the town and region beyond the Drapers.

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What is There to See at the Museum?

The Little Red Shop Museum holds artifacts related to the development of the town, the region and the textile industry (in which the little town of Hopedale played a staring role). However, unlike our cousins to the north (The Lowell National Historical Park, The American Textile History Museum) and to the south (The Slater Mill) the Little Red Shop Museum is not a museum about the production of cloth. The Little Red Shop began as a machine shop, and the Draper Corporation, which it became, produced the looms that were used (and still are!) all over the world to create high-quality, cotton, woven fabrics.

Because the Draper Corporation was the single largest, and longest-lasting influence on the town of Hopedale, it often overshadows other important history of the area. The Little Red Shop Museum is dedicated to preserving all the many facets of this history and showing how that history is still relevant today.

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Events at the Little Red Shop

Since it’s re-opening in 2009, the Little Red Shop has become the hub of Town activities. From coffeehouse performances, to lectures, to town-wide celebrations, the Little Red Shop plays host to all manner of events.

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Support for the Little Red Shop Museum

The Little Red Shop Museum is governed by the Hopedale Historical Commission, and supported by the Friends of Historic Hopedale, and the U.S. National Park Service.

The majority of our funding comes through donations to the Friends of Historic Hopedale. Our staff is entirely made up of volunteers, who donate their time toward furthering the museum’s mission.

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